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Day 1 at the 2021 CLE National Air Show

Day 1 at the 2021 CLE National Air Show

Final sendoff for famed National Guard C130’s out of Mansfield

CLEVELAND – It was a bittersweet, yet beautiful day for the opening of the 2021 Cleveland National Air Show. Below is a photo gallery of the afternoon’s events, with a special look at the Ohio Air National Guard C-130 aircraft and her crews.

This year’s event marks the final time the Air Force C-130 out of Mansfield will make an appearance as the facility is converted into a new high-tech cyber warefare division. The C130’s and her crews will be repurposed, after spending months on assignment in Afghanistan. Known as the “Hercules”, the C130 led the U.S. effort to shuttle people and equipment in and out of danger, ahead of the recent Afghan government fallout to Taliban forces.

While we say goodbye to an old friend, we also say hello to some other familiar faces. The Air Force A10C Thunderbolt II and U.S. Army Golden Knights parachute team joined several acrobatic teams in delighting fans throughout the day.

We also give you an exclusive look at Cleveland and Northeast Ohio, as we took flight with the Golden Knights!

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