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Hammer down early as Wellington bests Oberlin, 53-26

ELYRIA (Ely Stadium) – The writing was on the wall in Elyria as Oberlin hosted it’s final “home game” of the season versus Wellington. Less than two minutes into the game, the Dukes had a 14-0 lead, thanks in part to junior Jon Brasee’s 65-yard kickoff return for a touchdown. They’d go on to win, 53-26.

Welington’s Justin Yeager picked off two passes on the day, returning the first 44-yards for the second TD of the game. QB Jayden Skinner accounted for three scores, two passing and one on the ground.

Oberlin got its first score of the game on a 22-yard TD pass from Andre Yarber to Naz Roundtree. The two-point conversion made it a 22-8 game. Yarber would add two more touchdown passes to Isaac Thompson (39 yards) and Johnathan Frasier (29 yards).

Roundtree also returned an interception 48 yards for a score.

Luke McClellan finished with two touchdowns (18, 12 yards) for the Dukes.

SCORING PLAYS, courtesy of Oberlin AD John Carter via Twitter (@OBPHoenix)

(W) Jon Brasee kickoff return for 65 yard TD, PAT good 7-0
(W) Justin Yeager interception for a 44 yard TD, PAT good 14-0
(W) Jayden Skinner to Austin Loudermelt for a 16 yard TD, 2 PAT good Yeager to Drew Unangst 22-0
(O) Andre Yarber to Naz Roundtree for a 22 yard TD, 2 PAT good on Yaber run 22-8
(W) Jayden Skinner to Caleb Teague for a 19 yard TD, PAT good 29-8
(W) Luke McClellan with an 18 yard TD run, PAT good 36-8
(W) Luke McClellan with a 12 yard TD run, PAT good 43-8
(W) Jayden Skinner with a 3 yard TD run, PAT good 50-8
(O) Andre Yarber to Isaac Thompson for a 39 yard TD, 2 PAT no good 50-14
(O) Naz Roundtree with a 48-yard interception for a TD, Derrick PAT no good 50-20
(W) Derrick Andolsek with a 37 yard Field Goal 53-20
(O) Andre Yarber to Johnathan Frazier for a 29 yard TD, 2 PAT no good 53-26

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