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Ex-NFL coach confronts high school refs at son’s game

Ex-NFL coach confronts high school refs at son’s game

Mike McCarthy, the former head coach of the Green Bay Packers, is under public scrutiny after video surfaced of him tracking down referees after his step-son’s high school basketball game in Wisconsin. The team – Notre Dame Academy – had just lost by one point.

In the link below you will see the video and hear a report from WLUK Fox 11 in Wisconsin. You’ll notice McCarthy appears agitated – but stops when told, after one command from a Pulaski School representative. He acknowledged the order and obeyed, albeit appearing displeased.

During the interview Pulaski’s Athletics Director tried to politicize it and give their policy and procedure undue credit for stopping McCarthy… when in reality he just did the right thing – too late to avoid controversy – and stopped something he never should have started.

He was wrong – typical case of a fan usurping authority they do not really have at a sporting event.

We feel this is being played out. Heck, we’re only talking about it because it is Mike McCarthy. But when we first read the headline, then saw the video, we thought… that’s it??

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