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Eagles Thankful For Community, Hungry To Succeed

AVON – It’s what Thanksgiving is supposed to be for the Avon Eagles football team: celebrating with several hundred of the people closest to you – right after practice.

The team’s meticulous effort to prepare has earned them a repeat berth in the D-II state semi’s on Friday.

Today they gathered to give thanks in the Avon Early Learning Center gym, adjacent to the football stadium, as friends, relatives and proud alumni gathered to share breakfast. There were even dozens of brothers, sisters – future Eagles – scampering about the smell of donuts, fresh coffee, eggs and potato.

It’s the sound of friends – brothers – thankful for each other. It’s the sight of each other with two and three plates of food, “You better have five sacks tomorrow!”

Coach Mike Eder summer it up with this message and prayer…

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