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Blue Angels sighted over Cleveland

Blue Angels sighted over Cleveland

That can only mean one thing: Labor Day is right around the corner!


CLEVELAND – Snow was in the forecast on Friday morning, but that blew to the East of Cleveland making for a beautiful (albeit chilly) appearance for one of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels landing at Burke Lakefront Airport. The appearance by the two-seat F/A-18 Super Hornet was part promotion and part planning for the 2022 Cleveland National Air Show taking place on September 3, 4, 5 of next year.

Blue Angels team members Lt. Scott Goosens and Lt. Katlin Forster were in town to meet with the Federal Aviation Administration, local law enforcement and other agencies in preparation for the 2022 air show that will feature the elite flying squadron. Immediately after landing, they met with local media to discuss the rigorous twice-per-day training the team will undergo ahead of the next season of air shows around the world.

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